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Colors: taking into account the color of the mask, bands in each quill, nose, eyes, and the skin color on the shoulders. The colors are basically shades of colors that we will list here from darkest to lightest. Black, salt & pepper, dark grey, grey, chocolate, brown, cinnamon, dark cinnicot, cinnicot, champagne, apricot, pale apricot, albino.


Colors: Agouti, Leucistic, Pied, Cinnamon, Crea, Grey


Colors: Grey, White, Ebony, Beige, Velvet, Mosaic, Pastel/Tan, Violet, Sapphire, Goldbar, Sullivan  

Guinea Pig

Colors: Varies
Types: American, Crested, Ridgeback, Abyssinian, Rex, Teddy, Alpaca, Coronet, Lunkarya, Merino, Peruvian, Silkie, Texel, Swiss, Baldwin, Skinny Pig. 


Color: refers to the shade of the guard hair and undercoat Sable, black, black sable, silver, cinnamon, albino, cream, chocolate,  champagne. Markings mitt, white tail tips, eye rings, blaze on the face, Siamese, roan, panda. 


Types: Armenian, Chinese, Chinese Striped, Ciscaucasian, Dwarf Campbell's Russian, Dwarf Winter White Russian, European, Eversmann's, Ladak, Mongolian, Lesser Longtailed, Greater Longtailed, Mouse-like, Roborovski, Rumanian, Syrian, Tibetan, and Turkish Hamster